9 Most Common Home Inspection Issues in Puerto Vallarta

After performing over 400 home inspections in the Bahía de Banderas area, we noticed 9 of the most common issues we will potentially find. Below is a list of what we typically observe during our inspections and remedy with our repairs.

  1. Faulty Plumbing or Piping
  2. Mold & Mildew due to moisture issues
  3. Issues with Windows, Doors, and Trim
  4. Electrical Wiring and Systems – not to code and not grounded
  5. Improper Grading or Drainage
  6. Poor Functioning HVAC Systems and Maintenance
  7. Poorly Installed Tile
  8. Signs of Termite Damage or Infestation
  9. Regular maintenance

These issue generally fall into 4 major groups:

  • Humidity and moisture issues
  • Improper or cheap construction
  • Changes in the building codes
  • Lack of homeowner maintenance and upkeep

Obviously, there isn’t much a home owner can do to escape the humidity and moisture issues that come with living in the Puerto Vallarta area, but a home inspection and regular maintenance can go a long way to keeping your home healthy and comfortable for many years to come.

9 Most Common Home Inspection Issues in Puerto Vallarta

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